The Deacon Personnel Board assists the Bishop in the task of developing and implementing the policies for the deacon personnel of the diocese. The DPB serves as a support and resource to the diaconal community on personnel issues, communications, ongoing formation, convocation gatherings and the "Growth in Ministry" program.


Deacon John & Belinda Brasley      (Director Deacon Personnel)  ex-officio

Deacon Pat & Roxanne DiLaura
Deacon Don & Mary Eggleston
Deacon Ray & Kathy Garbach      
Deacon John & Lorranie Hoffman 
Deacon George & Mary Ann Kozak
Deacon Bob & Jill Lee
Deacon Dennis & Barb Lohouse
Deacon Al & Mesina Pacete
Deacon Dan & Jeanne Pavlina
Deacon Frank & Liz Pettrone

Father Lance Gonyo                      (ex-officio)